CryptoDaily™ Blockchain

We will be using 15% of the raised total of $750K to deploy our own CryptoDaily™ BIX protocol based blockchain network to improve our ability to store and deliver content efficiently and cost-effectively and to support the various business services that we support. Storing our data in a decentralised and immutable manner, free from tampering and censorship, is critical. We are extremely excited because our blockchain network includes industry standards and a proprietary tokenisation engine for our ecosystem that allows us to easily create customised cryptoassets, including loyalty and rewards tokens in just a couple of minutes.


CryptoDaily™ Content

At least 35% ($1,175M) of the use of proceeds will be used to create and effectuate our content re-wards system, the localising and translation of content and creation of content including but not limited to advanced video content and distribution. Because High quality content creation and publication is our principal focus, and is the lifeblood of our existence as it results in increasing website traffic and therefore increasing advertising revenue.


CryptoDaily™ Local

Besides rewarding for content creation and creation of quality content we will use the proceeds of the token offering to expand internationally. One of the most important plans on our Road Map is the expansion of our CryptoDaily™ Local initiative whereby we publish localised content in a variety of languages. To date, we have launched localised content in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian and have plans to produce and publish content in many more languages. This has proven to be an extremely successful initiative due to nature of blockchain technology: it is highly accessible, digital, and transcends national and geographical borders.


CryptoDaily™ Payments

CryptoDaily™ will be launching a CryptoDaily™ payment card and digital wallet programme in order to complement the CRDT™ Token. To do this we’ve allocated and budgeted 12% ($600,000) of the use of proceeds. This proposition involves the creation and distribution of a prepaid payment card bearing the logo of one of the major payment networks, such as Mastercard or Visa. The payment card will allow cardholders to access points of sale across the world where payment card networks are accepted.

It has been estimated that there are approximately 40 million merchants globally that accept Visa and Mastercard payment cards. The CryptoDaily™ payment card solution also involves integration with a digital wallet where CRDT™ Tokens can be stored, accessed and utilised.


CryptoDaily™ Cryptocurrency Indices

Earlier this year, CryptoDaily™ launched the publication of proprietary cryptocurrency indices that it sponsors and we’re looking to enhance our indices content as well as the charting solutions and market data services through the use of proceeds.


CryptoDaily™ Charting

CryptoDaily™ will be launching proprietary trading charts in the fourth quarter of 2019. Trading charts are immensely popular analysis tools utilised by traders and market analysts across most asset classes to obtain information about technical trading patterns, generate trading ideas, customise risk management techniques and to quantify changes in asset prices. Specifically, trading charts provides chartists and technicians with the ability to con-duct realtime and historical technical analysis, allowing assets trading attributes such as price and trading volume to be measured.


CryptoDaily Market Data Service

CryptoDaily™ specialises in providing fundamental news coverage and technical commentary relating to the blockchain, digital assets, and token economy industry. In the course of doing so, we generate millions of page views monthly and we strive to achieve a balance between fundamental news content and technical news content. As we provide this content, we consume a considerable amount of technical data, especially real-time trading data that includes price and volume activity published by major cryptocurrency exchanges.


CryptoDaily™ Enhanced Advertising and Classifieds

Advertising is an integral aspect to the revenue cycle of most global media networks, whether those advertisements take the form of clickable banners, television commercials, or other formats. Our advertisers get better rates when using the CRDT™ Token. To unlock this amazing proposition, we’ve allocated 6% ($300,000) of the use of proceeds. We launched an enhanced advertising pilot whereby we incorporate proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) features to enhance digital advertisements, with benefits to both the consumer of the advertisement and the advertiser. We also created IoT-enhanced advertisements that provided augmented reality-enabled advertisements that are viewable on a smartphone application.

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