CRDTTM Token Sale

CRDTTM Value: Successful cryptocurrency projects are the ones that succeed in creating demonstrable, recurring utility for the crypto assets they create on their blockchains. This involves the development of an economy of supply and demand, where tokens can be utilised in a myriad of ways, including as media of exchange. CRDT™ Token strives to accomplish exactly this.

CRDTTM Technology: CRDTTM will be launched as an ERC-20-compliant utility token on the Ethereum blockchain because it has been estimated that there are more than 181,000 ERC-20 compatible tokens that already exist on Ethereum’s main network, evidencing a degree of global acceptability that supports the creation and distribution of the CRDT™ Token.

CRDTTM Wallet: Most digital wallets that support the Ether cryptocurrency also support ERC-20-compliant tokens, and this will maximise the custodial opportunities and a broad spectrum of participators for the CRDT™ Token.

CRDT™ Platform: CRDT™ is part of Cryptodaily.co.uk, a website that receives already over 1 million visitors per month. We, unlike many other IEO projects, already have a strong and reliable product which is ready for investment.

CRDT™ Function: CRDT™ will give you access to a myriad of products and benefits. The token itself performs primarily the function of a utility and reward token.


Rewards: CRDT™ Token will be used to remunerate content providers who contribute to CryptoDaily™, leading to ongoing organic demand. Content providers include; journalists, authors, interviewers, video specialists, translators etc.

Benefits early participators: We have built a model to ensure those who purchase early will be able to acquire the greatest number of tokens.

Value-Added Services: A part of the money raise will be used for developing of multiple value-added services that will require subscriptions, including charting. CRDT™ Tokens will be required as a medium of exchange to subscribe to these value-added services.

Secondary Market: CRDT™ Token is being listed for trading on a European cryptocurrency marketplace with additional listings being pursued on other marketplaces. These listings are important because these marketplaces are where CRDT™ Token will need to be purchased to remunerate content providers.

Network Effect: We opine the benefits of the so-called “network effect” as this will have a materially positive impact on our operations at large and the CRDT™ Token as a store of value.

Unique token: At present, there are not many media networks that have deployed blockchain technology. Therefore, CRDT™ Token’s inclusion in cryptocurrency space will have relatively low correlations to other cryptocurrencies, which makes it unique.



Over 1 million unique visitors per month.

Listing on Google News, Apple News, Bing News, Yahoo News and more.

Listed on Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap app news and many other apps

Approval of an official, globally recognised trademark for cryptodaily.co.uk.

New head offices in Singapore.

Harnessed interest and established partnerships with the top advertising networks.

Acknowledged and used by major news aggregators such as; NewsNow, Trading View and Crypto Control.

CryptoDaily App available on Android and iOS.

Media Partnership with Cointraffic, Coinzilla, BSA media, Google and HERMAN Media Partner.


Becoming one of the first fully blockchain backed and empowered cryptocurrency media outlet in the world.

Building and supporting a global community with digital resources that are empowered by Blockchain.

Dependability, reliability, and accessibility of industry coverage are of paramount importance in cultivating consistent and informed readers.

We seek to empower and enable the mass adoption of Blockchain by exemplifying our core values and virtues at all times.

Honesty, honor, and recognition of notable achievements in the blockchain industry, our community, and across our media properties elevate our modus operandi.


Expected Capital Raise: $5 Million +
Token Cap Range: 300 Million
Owners/Advisors Tokens Sell Min: 24 months
Bonus: 100,000 CryptoDaily Members to recieve Free Tokens.
Initial Token Price: $0.03
Minimum purchase: 1 ETH
Payment: ETH

We want the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community to benefit from both our website and our proposition. Therefore, we will give away 90 tokens to the first 100.000 subscribers to our news and video channel and who will actively engage with our content!

Besides the bonuses for early participants and token give away. We want to reward token holders with an incentive, from reduced fees to further discounts on our propositions and more.


Please select ‘Buy CRDT™ Token’ to access LA Token exchange where you may buy our token.

Note: that the Citizens of Singapore, USA, Canada, Nepal, Iraq, Bolivia, Bangladesh, China, Macedonia, Algeria, South Korea, Morocco, Ecuador, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, Myanmar, Kazakhstan or Egypt are expressly forbidden to take part in the IEO or the free token giveaway in any capacity. This includes any part of the aforementioned countries commonwealth, offshore, or dependent territories. Your information will not be given to any 3rd parties

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