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Digital money for the digital age

CRDT USD (SCRDT) revolutionizes how we use money. SCRDT, quite like digital content, moves at the speed of the internet and can be exchanged online with ease. They are cheaper and far more secure than existing payment systems.

Built on standards

CRDT USD is issued by regulated financial institutions, backed by fully reserved assets and redeemable 1:1 for US dollars. The ecosystem governed by CRDT based on consortium that sets technical, policy and financial standards for stablecoins.


The CRDT wallet is a part of the CRDTPay ecosystem that allows you to seamlessly store and interact with various fiat and cryptocurrencies. The CRDT ecosystem acts as your own personalized payment network wherein you can interact with merchants, sellers, and buyers.

Third-party bank or EMI payment cards that are natively supported and accepted by Apple Wallet and Google Wallet can be stored on a Buyer’s device and integrated with CRDTPay. This allows the Buyer to select a third-party bank, or EMI-issued Visa or Mastercard that is stored on their device and contactlessly pay a Seller/ Merchant on their device where CRDTPay is installed.

The CRDT operator determines the fee for processing and settling the transaction between Buyer/Customer and Seller/ Merchant.

CRDT also functions as a cash top-up solution. If a Seller/ Merchant receives cash from a Buyer/ Customer, they can credit the CRDT Wallet of the Buyer/Customer in real-time.