CRDT TM Token Launch

CRDT token will be listed on Bitfineon exchange from 9 July 2020

P2PB2B Will List CRDT to purchase from 4th July 10am UTC

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CryptoDaily™ are proud to launch their own cryptographic token. We know this is already a diverse and well populated market space however, through our white paper we will walk you through why we are issuing a token, what it will do, and how you can be part of the exciting adventure that is the growth of CryptoDaily™.

CryptoDaily™ is an award-winning, successful media outlet that reports on and chronicles the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency markets. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, CryptoDaily™ provides value-added, 24-hour news coverage of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, principally through our website at and our social media channels.

We have grown by leaps and bounds, and we have positioned CryptoDaily™ to gain additional media market share. We know what we’re good at and we are smart enough to know when we need the help of others to develop further into a independent, fresh news outlet, with a positive outlook on crypto news, managed by an impartial team and a network of contributors.

Many news outlets focus on negative news for quick returns in traffic. Our news, whilst being honest, aims to only spread truth, in order to be as transparent as possible. We drive traffic with organic headlines.



We’re undertaking an IEO so that we can expand the current range of services we offer and to proliferate our vision and mission to empower the daily use of blockchain and cryptocurrency! The IEO allows us to embed blockchain technology into our media offering. We are also creating an advanced content reward application to reward contributors with CRDT™ Token and then enable our community at large to pay with the CRDT™ Token at merchants through a proprietary wallet and accompanying payments card. We are also expanding our reach by localising our content not only through translations into multiple top languages, but also covering relevant local blockchain and cryptocurrency news in different countries, all of which will be rewarded with CRDT™ Token.

The IEO also allows us to expand our services to supply and serve the community with reliable market data, proprietary indices and novel charting services through the creation of subscription services with benefits to the token holders. We are enhancing our advertising proposition to include advanced IoT powered augmented reality advertising through the CryptoDaily™ app.

These propositions are creating a strong and diverse utility for the CRDT™ Token and adding these propositions will offer a strategic advantage that promotes the daily use of cryptocurrency and blockchain. As such, the utility within the CryptoDaily™ ecosystem has been designed to be balanced and advantageous for participants, contributors, subscribers, readers and advertisers.


"We have strong propositions, and amazing team and a growing media platform through which we can empower the daily use of Blockchain and Crypto".




CRDT™ Token will be used to remunerate content providers who contribute to CryptoDaily™, leading to ongoing organic demand. Content providers include; journalists, authors, interviewers, video specialists, translators etc.



We have built a model to ensure those who purchase early will be able to acquire the most amount of tokens.



At present, there are not many media networks that have deployed blockchain technology. Therefore, CRDT™ Token’s inclusion in cryptocurrency space will have relatively low correlations to other cryptocurrencies, rendering it unique.



A part of the money raised will be used for developing multiple value-added services that will require subscriptions, including charting. CRDT™ Tokens will be required as a medium of exchange to subscribe to these value-added services.



CRDT™ Token is being listed for trading on a European cryptocurrency marketplace with additional listings being pursued on other marketplaces. These listings are important because these marketplaces are where CRDT™ Token will need to be purchased to remunerate content providers.



We opine the so-called “network effect” will have a materially positive impact on our operations and CRDT™ Token.



We’re looking to raise $5M through the CRDT™ Token offering. We’ve allocated the use of these proceeds to build strong and exciting propositions that will empower the daily use of blockchain and cryptocurrency through the CryptoDaily™ media webscape.

The proceeds of our IEO will be used to rollout, enable and unlock the propositions that can be found here. All of these propositions will be fundamentally to the CRDT™ token appreciation and enhanced utility.

Pre IEO investor - 5%

Early contributors in the CryptoDaily project will be rewarded with 5% of tokens.

Founders, Team and Advisors - 18%

Founders, Team and Advisors of the project will be rewarded with 18% of all available tokens.

Token Sale - 62%

Presale, Private sale and the crowdsale of the token sale.

ECO System Partners - 5%

We're allocating 5% of CRDT tokens to remunerate existing and new partners that are providing their expertise and solutions

Project reserve 4%

We have allocated approximately 4% of tokens to fund any unexpected shortages and for anything else that requires action over the life of the project.

Token Giveaway Offer, 3%

The first 100,000 CryptoDaily Readers to participate in our crowd sale will receive a bonus of 100 free CRDT tokens. We will leverage our socials media channels, our newsletter, and our YouTube channel to reach an even larger audience to announce our crowd sale.

Bounties - 3%

Once we're listed on exchanges we want to reward the crypto trading community with bounties so we can spread the news of our token even further


CRDT TM Token has several utilitarian functions that include but are not limited to redemption, and making world Payments at any point of sale! Rewards for content writers and translators. Buying advertising and subscriptions for market data and exclusive content.

CRDT TM is an IEO to raise funds that will be used to help CryptoDaily become the number one cryptocurrency news outlet across the globe.

There are 300 million tokens in total and that is the maximum there will be. 186 million will be available to purchase through IEO. In addition to this, 5 million will be withheld for marketing /bountie purposes. 15 Million will be reserved for the ecosystem partners. 69 million will be allocated for pre-IEO investors, owners, advisors, and the team. 9 million tokens have been allocated for the first 100,000 people to sign up from CryptoDaily’s readership and 12 million tokens will be kept in reserve.

Content creators and contributors will be rewarded in CRDT tokens that will be distributed to their CRDT Token digital wallets. Coupled with the CRDT Token payment card programme, this will further incentivise those contributors whose ongoing participation is critical to CryptoDaily’s ongoing success. Remuneration through the CRDT Token will help align everyone’s mutual interests, and help CryptoDailyTM develop its economy around the CRDT Token.

9 million CRDT TM tokens are to be allocated for the first 100,000 people to sign up from CryptoDaily’s readership. The 100 token offer will be held for 2 years in a master wallet and then released.

The proceeds of our crowd sale will be put into the plan outlined in the whitepaper. Our main objective is to make CryptoDaily the number one cryptocurrency news outlet in the world, available in many of the world's languages.

We will carefully adhere to all applicable laws in every country where we offer CRDT tokens, including securities laws. If your country's government or regulators decide that our token cannot be sold to the public without registration, you may not be able to purchase our tokens.

No, you are not permitted to take part in our IEO if IEOs are restricted by nationality.

We have made contact with some of the top influencers in the crypto-world through the CryptoDaily website. As a result of this, we have been able recruit a number of crypto specialists, all of whom promise to impact the progress of CryptoDaily in a positive way.

We are currently working on a number of different translation websites, if you require a translation for a specific page, just ask.

Both. Our multilingual websites will contain content translated from English by our team of translators and will also host unique news written by native speakers.

We are currently building a submission system that will be used to take content and reward writers accordingly. However, whilst this is under construction we are happy to accept submissions from guest writers and can agree individual CRDT TM rewards. Just contact the team for further information.


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