Buy, Sell, Stake, Store and Exchange fiat and crypto with CRDTpay.

CRDT™, your all-in-one complete banking solution, is coming soon. Transact locally and internationally with our robust and reliable financial solution.

CRDT part of CRDTPay

The New Global Crypto Banking System

CRDT (call us CRDTpay) is a free, reliable, and end-to-end crypto payments technology solution. Leverage a one-stop, complete crypto banking solution that’s similar to operating our own Visa or Mastercard network.

About CRDT

CRDT gives you a complete crypto banking solution at your fingertips. Our team is dedicated to bringing together the diverse crypto ecosystem with a one-stop solution for the transfer of value. CRDT supports fiat, cryptocurrencies, and third-party payment cards issued by banks or others.

Exchange Fiat and Crypto

CRDT also acts as an exchange wherein you can convert your fiat to another fiat, or crypto. You can also exchange your crypto for another crypto or fiat.

Contactless Payments

CRDT supports contactless payments. A transaction can be completed with a simple tap of a phone or a CRDTPay payment card on a seller's phone.

CRDT Wallet

CRDT's fully-fledged app allows you to interact with the cryptoverse on your iOS or Android devices (coming soon). Conduct cross-platform payments and gain complete control over your finances.

Complete Merchant Management

CRDT allows sellers/merchants to list every product and service they offer. A buyer may purchase the product and checkout seamlessly and contactlessly.


The CRDT wallet is a part of the CRDTPay ecosystem that allows you to seamlessly store and interact with various fiat and cryptocurrencies. The CRDT ecosystem acts as your own personalized payment network wherein you can interact with merchants, sellers, and buyers.

Third-party bank or EMI payment cards that are natively supported and accepted by Apple Wallet and Google Wallet can be stored on a Buyer’s device and integrated with CRDTPay. This allows the Buyer to select a third-party bank, or EMI-issued Visa or Mastercard that is stored on their device and contactlessly pay a Seller/ Merchant on their device where CRDTPay is installed.

The CRDT operator determines the fee for processing and settling the transaction between Buyer/Customer and Seller/ Merchant.

CRDT also functions as a cash top-up solution. If a Seller/ Merchant receives cash from a Buyer/ Customer, they can credit the CRDT Wallet of the Buyer/Customer in real-time.